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P4260599As we bathe in the afterglow of the successful Expedition Amazonas mission, assimilation into ‘normal life’ & ‘everyday living’ has in itself been a challenge. The post expedition workload has been a heavy one as we continue to work through our sponsorship commitments, media exposure, attend sponsor trade shows, public presentations & media interviews to name but a few.

Again a big thank you is overdue to all our family, friends & supporters who have welcomed us back into the land of the living with open arms, offered their heart-felt congratulations & been so supportive in helping us work though post expedition commitments & challenges. A special thank you is in order for Stu Hindle who has helped me enormously with media exposure & getting out there into public forums, sharing the Expedition Amazonas story – thanks Stu!

Perhaps one of our proudest post expedition achievements has been the fulfilment of our sponsorship promises. It’s been wonderful to be able to give all our amazing sponsors the best possible return on investment. Attending trade shows, putting together top quality sponsor specific video clips, equipment testimonials, providing detailed feedback to sponsor R&D & publicity departments has certainly kept us on our toes. The intense nature of Expedition Amazonas allowed us to put each piece of sponsored equipment to the ultimate test in some of the harshest environments on the planet. As such we have been able to give honest appraisals on all of our top quality sponsored gear & have even been approached to offer feedback on how to improve them in some cases. Absolutely wonderful to now see things go full circle – to reward the faith our sponsors put into us – its very satisfying to be able to give back more & more. A big thank you again to First Ascent, Teva, Fluid, Electrotech, Suunto, Kokatat, ARK, RAM, WRSI, Garmin, Storm Case, V.I.O., Zeal Optics, Benchmade, Goya Gear, KINeSYS & of course our special partner Amazon Watch.

Here is a taste of our media exposure, some of our sponsor videos & public presentations. Its certainly made for busy but interesting times… Check in from time to time as we add our latest media and public exposure to the list…

Wild Magazine
Check out Mark’s latest feature article in the newest issue of Wild Magazine (Issue 112).  You may take a quick look at the article’s first couple of pages here and here.

Outer Edge Magazine
Nathan and Mark nominated for the Australian Adventurer of the Year Award 2008. Up against some amazing and inspirational adventurers, the brilliant Tanya Faux deservedly took the prize. Buy the magazine (Issue 12) for the full story.

Zeal Optics
Nath, Phil and Mark – Zeal Optics athletes. The ZB-13 polarized lenses really have to be the best going around.

First Ascent
Athletes, proud to fly the First Ascent flag, our official expedition apparel sponsor.

Storm Case
A nifty promo clip for another of our amazing sponsors and friends at Storm Case.  Check it out here.

Stoked.  We are official ambassadors for Team Garmin SA.
Check out our clip on the website.  Just click on Outdoor, choose Action and scroll through the videos to find ours.

Explorers Web
1. Expedition Amazonas Interview Part 1; Coke & Killer Rapids – 27 February 2008
2. Expedition Amazonas Interview Part 2; “I swear my next expedition is a lightweight, open country trek!” – 28 February 2008
3. Expedition Amazonas Interview Final; “The entire journey is etched upon my mind and my heart for eternity.” – 29 February 2008

ABC Radio
ABC Radio host Richard Fidler interviews Nathan on the Conversation Hour – 12 May 2008

4MK FM Radio
Meech & Teegs Interview Nathan over 8 days post expedition.
Part 1 of Nathan’s Interview
Part 2 of Nathan’s Interview
Part 3 of Nathan’s Interview
Part 4 of Nathan’s Interview
Part 5 of Nathan’s Interview

Meech & Teegs interview Nathan live from Brazil

The Cairns Post
Boy’s own adventure Front Page – 01 March 2008 (Print)
I survived the Amazon – 01 March 2008 (Print)
Amazon Adventurer Dodges Death – 01 March 2008 (Online)

The Daily Mercury
1. Adventurers take on the Amazon in 6,500km trek – 25 August 2007 (Online)
2. Adventurers take on the Amazon in 6,500km trek – 25 August 2007 (Print)
3. Daily Mercury Cartoon – 25 August 2007
4. Battered by a big river – 10 November 2007

The Sunshine Coast Daily
1. An Amazon Escape – 30 August 2007 (Online)
2. Up the river in a raft…for fun – 30 August 2007 (Print)
3. Amazon Adventure – 05 March 2008 (Online)

The Coolum Advertiser
Coolum’s own G.I. Joes – 30 August 2007
Locals in the thick of Amazon Expedition – 29 November 2007

An electronic extract of the expedition as told by the Sunrise team – 02 March 2008

Mark’s Sunrise Interview
Sunrise hosts Mel & Kochie interview Mark on Sunrise

Living in Peru
Peru: Aussie Heroes Raft the Entire Amazon – 08 April 2008

My Freesport
Six months, 4000 miles, one mission. River Gods (Page 1) – 21 February 2008
Six months, 4000 miles, one mission. River Gods (Page 2) – 21 February 2008
Expedition Amazonas – 21 February 2008 (Online)

BGAN records epic Amazonian journey – 18 March 2008

Getaway Magazine

The Adventure Blog
Paddling the Amazon – ALL of it! – 21 September 2007
Expedition Amazonas Puts Whitewater Behind Them – 13 November 2007
Expedition Amazonas Update – 10 April 2008

Thrane & Thrane PR
Explorer 500 keeps expedition team in touch during gruelling six month Amazon trek.

Iquitos Times
Aussie Heroes Raft the Entire Amazon – 08 April 2008

Rio Apurimac – the Devine Voice – 30 May 2008

Kokatat Catalogue
Kokatat website – Sponsored Expeditions

Suunto Interview
Australian adventurers and Suunto decend the Amazon River

Angus Adventures Website
Featured Expedition – Expedition Amazonas – December 2007

Thrane & Thrane BGAN Adventure

Outer-Edge Adventure Magazine (buy the mag for the full story)

Wild Magazine (buy the mag for the full story)
The Amazon by Raft – 06 March 2008

Czech Outdoor Magazine
1. Outdoor Magazine Cover
2. Expedition Amazonas article Page 1
3. Expedition Amazonas article Page 2
4. Expedition Amazonas article Page 3
5. Expedition Amazonas article Page 4

Go OUTSIDE! Magazine Brazil
1. go Outside Magazine Cover
2. Expedition Amazonas article Page 1
3. Expedition Amazonas article Page 2

Expedition Teazer for public presentations

ARK Inflatables sponsor promotion at the Queensland Boat Show

ARK Inflatables promotion brochure for the Queensland Boat Show

It cannot be forgotten, that Mark has done a lot of work in the sponsorship area & continues to mission along whilst living in London and planning his next expedition. He has also set up a new personal webpage Well worth a look – a true modern day adventurer.

Mark, Phil & myself each have a number of exciting new ideas & adventures in the pipeline. This will be ‘the last post’ until the documentary movie is ready for sale. We will however be adding to the above exposure & presentation list regularly. You will be able to follow Marks new adventures & progress on his website Phil at present is working in the Congo region over in Africa and we are pleased to report he is back to his 100% best. As for me, I am in the process of researching & formalizing the next big adventure…”from little things big things grow.” So much to do in a lifetime, so little time…



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