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Awesome end to a work day It is more than 2 weeks since Nathe and I finished our epic adventure. As I write this Nathe is venturing back up the Amazon aboard a passenger boat. At every opportunity he is locating an internet cafe to check and reply to personal and expedition related emails.

Back in Australia I have been doing much the same, however my internet access is a little more reliable. The media interest we have managed to generate through simple hard work and determination seems to be paying off. Daily we receive emails from magazines and newspapers eager to run something. We have a potential feature article in mainstream magazine Thats Life with a readership of over a million people! Awesome!

Wild Magazine, one of Australia’s leading outdoor magazines has also expressed keen interest in us writing an article for their next edition. After reading our post titled San Francisco (no flowers in our hair) it seems they were impressed enough to think we had an article in us worthy of publication. This is exciting news for Nathe and I.

As well there have been numerous articles in newspapers, TV and websites over the past week. We are stoked to get all this coverage, but it has certainly not come easily. To draw attention to our efforts has taken a lot of work. All the same we will keep pushing for coverage. Not, of course to get our mugs on TV or in the papers but to allow future endeavours to hopefully be looked upon by potential sponsors etc in high regard based upon this success.

Please keep checking back for more posts as we begin editing our footage and photos, as well as for more news regarding the team’s future plans.



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